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Tan, Taralyn Marie Taralyn_Tan at hms.harvard.edu
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Hello FUN community,

In my role with the Harvard PhD Program in Neuroscience I organize our recruitment efforts for our PhD program, which includes reaching out to undergraduates who are curious about what a PhD entails. I have created a brief Google Slide Resource Deck<https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1y05aj85NAXpDzccCsiI3CRqhMNTaoB8ngbo1Gu1-9qw/present?usp=sharing> on our PhD program that includes registration information for upcoming “virtual open house” events designed to introduce prospective applicants (or anyone who’s curious about a PhD) to our community, PhD programs at Harvard, and the process of applying (including what makes a competitive applicant). In addition, Harvard offers a number of other research opportunities including summer research programs and post-bac programs (the Research Scholars Initiative<https://gsas.harvard.edu/diversity/research-scholar-initiative> and a new neuroscience-specialized partner program, PiNBAC, which I am Co-Directing.)

I’d really appreciate your help sharing the Google slide deck with your local undergraduate communities and colleagues. Please feel free to email me (Taralyn_tan at hms.harvard.edu<mailto:Taralyn_tan at hms.harvard.edu>) if you have any questions or would like to talk more about ways in which our undergraduate outreach efforts could benefit your home institutions. I’m always happy to collaborate with my FUN colleagues! :-)


Taralyn Tan, PhD

Director of Educational Programming
Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology
Harvard Graduate Program in Neuroscience
Lecturer / HMS Neurobiology

220 Longwood Ave | Goldenson 342 | Boston, MA 02115
617-432-7164 | Taralyn_Tan at hms.harvard.edu<mailto:Taralyn_Tan at hms.harvard.edu>
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