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Monica Linden Monica_Linden at brown.edu
Sat Aug 7 17:26:12 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

I appreciate the concern about the in person requirement for the mentoring
program.  The DEI committee also expressed this concern, but we were
ultimately comfortable with the mentoring program moving forward with this
requirement for several reasons.  Primarily, this is the first year that
FUN is engaging in this program, and FUN wants to provide the best possible
experience for the participants.  The FUN program is modeled on the program
used by ASPET ( American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental
Therapeutics) and that program has found that the in-person component is
critical for the overall success of developing the mentor/mentee
relationship and running a successful program.  FUN also intends to keep
the program small this year anyway, because it is the pilot year.

The provided survey collects information for those interested in
participating in the program but unable to attend the in-person component.
This will help us reach out to those folks when FUN runs future versions of
the program.  I understand that this is not an ideal situation, but
personally, I do not feel that it's in the best interest of the mentoring
program to run it without the in-person component.

Take care,
FUN Executive Committee
FUT DEI Sub-Committee Co-Chair

On Sat, Aug 7, 2021 at 11:04 AM Bruce Raymond Johnson <brj1 at cornell.edu>

> Hi everyone,
> I agree with Elaine.  Can we make some online accommodation for mentoring
> resources for people who can't attend the conference?    My planned SfN
> roommate just cancelled for covid health reasons and I'm hesitant to attend
> now too depending on how covid plays out in the next few months.  The
> present plan also rules out people with limited resources, like Elaine
> said, perhaps even more than usual now.
> best,
> Bruce
> Bruce R. Johnson, Ph.D.
> Dept of  Neurobiology and Behavior
> Mudd Hall
> Cornell University
> Ithaca, NY 14853
> Office: 1134 Comstock Hall; Ph: 607-592-9184
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> I am concerned about the requirement to attend the Chicago meeting in
> person given the current crisis with the pandemic and the Delta variant. By
> doing this I feel you are excluding people who might not be able to attend
> the in person conference for various reasons. Besides health concerns, I
> think you will restrict mentorship from populations that cannot attend the
> conference because their school doesn't support travel. Many
> adjuncts/visitors etc are not offered that opportunity. So I would ask that
> you reconsider this requirement. I am personally waiting to make this
> decision at the last minute because of my own concerns about health, even
> though I have submitted a poster. I expect others may feel the same way.
> Elaine
> On Sat, Aug 7, 2021 at 9:00 AM Illig, Kurt R. <illi8559 at stthomas.edu>
> wrote:
> Dear FUN members-
> We are pleased to announce the launch of the *FUN Mentoring Network*.
> This is a program to support faculty who engage undergraduates in
> neuroscience classrooms and laboratories at all levels, in a diversity of
> careers and institutions. We encourage applications from all FUN members,
> including those from all institutional and ethnic backgrounds. *Members
> holding tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure-track, part-time, adjunct,
> non-academic, and other positions are invited to apply to become mentors
> and mentees. Click this link to apply by August 14, 2021
> <https://stthomas.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3yJQuPlTk8sUo0S>.*
> Modeled after other successful mentoring networks, the program uses a
> coaching model to help participants develop skills for a variety of careers
> within and outside academia. Mentors will be trained to help mentees
> develop skills to succeed in their careers and in their personal lives, and
> host discussions about experiences and pressures, including those faced by
> groups underrepresented in the sciences. Mentees will benefit from the
> guidance and shared experience of their mentors and peers within the
> mentoring network.
> The 2021 FUN Mentoring Program is a year-long program, which will include
> an in-person, one-day training session in Chicago, on Nov. 12th, 2021 (one
> day before the in-person SfN meeting). In appreciation of their time and
> effort, mentors will be offered up to $200 to cover an additional night of
> lodging. After the orientation session, faculty will become part of a small
> coaching group with an assigned mentor. Mentors are expected to meet
> monthly to discuss a topic such as networking, communicating science,
> self-promotion, skills for job searches, wellness and resilience, and other
> topics frequently identified as important to professional growth. Group
> meetings will include opportunities to talk about any questions, issues, or
> concerns that faculty are experiencing in their own professional path.
> Best,
> -KI
> *Kurt R. Illig, PhD*
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