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Oliver Sacks’s book The Island of the Colorblind, especially the middle section on Guam, is good.  In that portion of the book he talks about a rare disease that is endemic on Guam, lytico-bodig.  It has characteristics similar to both Parkinson’s and ALS.  That chapter is especially nice in class because he proposes a theory for what might be causing Lytico-bodig, presents some data, nope that theory doesn’t hold up.  Here’s another theory and data.  Nope, that’s not the answer either.  Here’s some new data for theory one …. It really shows *how* science is done.  Plus it has Sacks’ usual caring and insightful description of his patients.

Sacks’ The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat is also good.  Similar to that is Klawans’ Why Michael Couldn’t Hit.  Both are case studies of neurological patients.  The latter title refers to Michael Jordan’s failed attempt to switch to baseball.

The Ghost in My Brain (post-concussion, by Clark Elliott) and With One Hand Tied Behind My Brain (post-stroke by Avrel Seale) are also good.

Pride and a Daily Marathon by Jonathan Cole is about a guy (Ian Waterman) who lost all proprioception below the neck at age 19.  ALL of his movements now have to be done consciously and visually.

I also have a JUNE article from ~2012 on using “non-fiction novels” in Sensation & Perception.

- Karen

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I would be grateful if the following message could be sent to FUN members. jane

I teach a course called The Brain in Books and Film. I like to use 3 books and have found 2 that I like a lot, My Brain on Fire, and Still Alice. However, I have never found a 3rd book I really like, though I have tried a number.  Can anyone make any suggestions?  I am open to film suggestions too, many of the ones I use are PBS specials.
Any help would be appreciated. jane

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