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Hi all,
Our math department offers many sections of introductory stats and is working to make the classes more consistent among the different instructors. They use the same dataset throughout the semester and would like to offer students their choice among several different datasets. The math faculty have asked the stakeholders (i.e. departments that require a stats course for their degree) for suggested datasets. I've included a few notes about the course below. I would appreciate any suggestions for a neuroscience-related dataset that can be used for teaching statistics.

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-Judy Ogilvie

Introduction to statistics - key concepts:
Target student will be a producer of statistics (i.e. not just a consumer). R-based course. Includes a little on surveys, experimental design, measuring; standard statistics, normal distribution, data visualization, Shape of scatter plot, interpretation of correlation coefficient r, linear prediction, limitations of regression. Look at grouping of data. Formulas for probability; considerations of independence and conditional probability; binomial distribution. Sampling distribution, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing.

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