[FUN_Mail] NSF HSI Hub Faculty workshops- Neuroscience Gateway Supercomputing & EEGLab for the classroom

Elba Serrano serrano at nmsu.edu
Fri May 21 17:42:05 UTC 2021

Dear Colleagues:

The NSF HSI National STEM Resource Hub is sponsoring a series of free 
seminar-style virtual summer workshops for HSI faculty/staff and any 
_/allies who seek HSI collaborators/_.

A major goal of the workshops is to provide a setting where faculty can 
network to find partners for research and  education projects and 
grants.//The workshops are limited to 20 participants to allow attendees 
from across the nation to collaborate and network in a virtual workshop 
seminar setting that encourages personal interactions.

The June 2 workshop will be of interest for neuroscientists who seek to 
learn how to use supercomputers for neuroscience research and how to 
integrate EEGLab into their undergraduate courses.

The workshop topics are in two skills areas: 1) developing disciplinary 
expertise needed to add content to STEM undergraduate courses in areas 
such as  neuroscience,supercomputing,  data science, scientific ethics,  
plant biology, and genetics, and 2) building grantsmanship skills in 
program evaluation and designing STEM education research questions. 
Workshops are interactive, typically 1 day (3-5 hours ) long, and are 
led by experts who work in diverse institutional settings and include 
organizers from other NSF programs such as the NSF Neuroscience Gateway 
and the NSF West Big Data Innovation Hub. /

Access workshop overview here: 

Apply here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/hsihub-2021STEMwkshops

Featured workshops:

        */Neuroscience Gateway and Electroencephalography Data Analysis
        for the Classroom: /*/
        *UCSD Team/Amit Mujamdar, Arnaud Delorme, Subhashini Sivagnanam,
        Kenneth Yoshimoto*/
        This hands-on workshop will describe the Neuroscience Gateway
        (NSG) including the neuroscience modeling and data processing
        software it provides on supercomputing resources. The second
        part of the workshop will introduce electroencephalography (EEG)
        as an electrophysiological monitoring method to record
        electrical activity of the brain and show how to collect and
        process EEG data using the EEGLAB software in undergraduate courses.

        More information here:

          * *06/02/21**(9 AM – 2 PM PDT) Deadline to apply May 25

        */Including Ethics in Research Experiences and Science Courses:/*/
        *Gillian Hue (Emory Center for Ethics)*/
        This workshop will provide faculty with student-centered
        pedagogical approaches to incorporating ethics into science

        More information here:

          * *06/18/21 **(9 AM – 2 PM PDT) ***Deadline to apply June 4**

Please contact me if you have any questions about these offerings that 
aspire to build a collaborative national network for supporting student 
success at the over 550 HSIs across the nation.

Warm regards,



E. E. Serrano, Ph.D., Regents Professor

NSF HSI National STEM Resource Hub, NMSU Lead PI

serrano at nmsu.edu; (+1)575.646.5217; NMSU Foster Hall 459

[https://hsistemhub.org/; Twitter @HSISTEMhub]

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in southern New Mexico

for generations, well before NMSU was established: the Mescalero Apache, 
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As a land grant institution, NMSU serves all NM indigenous communities 
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