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Kozlowski, Dorothy DKOZLOWS at depaul.edu
Thu Nov 4 13:18:48 UTC 2021

Hi Everyone
I’m reaching out to those of you who may have a masters program (either in Neuro or in your Bio or Psych departments).  If you have a MS and it involves and Oral Exam of some sort, I’d appreciate learning about how you administer it, the content, etc.  We’re looking to revamp ours and are seeing how others do it.  Please reply directly to me at dkozlows at depaul.edu<mailto:dkozlows at depaul.edu>
Thank you!

Dorothy Kozlowski Ph.D.
Vincent de Paul Professor<https://offices.depaul.edu/society-vincent-depaul-professors/membership/Pages/member-details.aspx?dpusearchbyid=30>
Department of Biological Sciences<https://csh.depaul.edu/academics/biological-sciences/Pages/default.aspx> and Neuroscience Program<https://csh.depaul.edu/academics/neuroscience/Pages/default.aspx>
DePaul University
2325 N. Clifton
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Chicago, IL 60614

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