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Call for nominations for FUN Liaison to SfN's Neuroscience Training Committee (NTC)
As part of our strategic partnership with the Society for Neuroscience, FUN appoints a liaison to the NTC, which works to promote strategies to address education and training needs at multiple career stages. The NTC provides career-long training on topics such as scientific rigor and emerging scientific tools and technologies; helping inform evolving neuroscience workforce and training needs; advising the SfN Council on workforce policy needs; and increasing the value of Institutional Program membership. The FUN liaison is expected to serve as an advocate for undergraduate neuroscience education on the NTC, and to communicate regularly with the FUN Executive Committee.
The NTC has two yearly meetings. The first occurs in the spring in Washington, DC. The second occurs in the fall during the annual meeting. Additional correspondence is conducted by email and conference call, as needed, throughout the calendar year to address issues that arise between meetings of the full committee.
The FUN Liaison to the NTC is a three-year position (2022-2024). Nominations (including self-nominations) will be accepted through November 21, 2021 and an appointment will be made by the FUN Executive Committee by December 4, 2021. Please email your nominations to president at funfaculty.org<mailto:president at funfaculty.org>.

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