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Sat Nov 6 13:17:56 UTC 2021

You might want to take a look at Dataview (https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~wjh/dataview/index.html), which is free for teaching. It’s primarily data analysis  software, but it can make dual-channel recordings from the computer microphone input, which makes it a good partner for things like the Backyard Brains cockroach leg-spine experiments. We have used it successfully for that in our teaching, using the  spike-sorting facility for single unit analysis – I could send you a protocol with sample data if you wished. It also integrates with the extremely cheap Arduino microprocessor series, which gives it DC recording capability up to 5 kHz. And if you need more sophisticated recording/stimulating, it integrates with the Measurement Computing DT series of AD/DA boards. Of course, you would also need a suitable amplifier and/or stimulus isolation unit, depending on the experiment.
I’m also going to put in a tentative plug for the Neurosim simulation software for the computational section (tentative, because I am the author and it’s not free, although it is now very cheap: <$10/student). This does not have the game aspect of Crescent Loom, but it does have a friendly GUI, and it covers multiple levels from single-channel patch recording up to whole network simulations (including, of course, the standard HH model on the way).
Regards, Bill Heitler

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