[FUN_Mail] FUN Final Friday - TODAY at 4 (EDT)!

Amy Jo Stavnezer AJStavnezer at wooster.edu
Wed Sep 22 18:15:11 UTC 2021

Hi all
Here is a link to the FUN Final Friday<https://zoom.us/w/94998452845?tk=Vnq3fsGxUwISjyAaWjahyAoQiZHvtdcT-NK3vLaDtx0.DQMAAAAWHllabRZ4bnB3Tzd6S1NoLVlJUnZWMHUtakJnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=UHlieGw5RTVJQkl0VWMzYlBLc3FDQT09>, in case you wanted to join but didn’t get a chance to register.

We will be joined by a 4-student panel who will talk with us about student perceptions relating to the return to in-person teaching.

Hope to see you then,
Amy Jo and FUN Final Friday team

Amy Jo Stavnezer, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology
College of Wooster
Member, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience<http://funfaculty.org/>
Editorial Board, Journal for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education<http://funjournal.org/>
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