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Fri Apr 1 06:20:23 UTC 2022

Dear FUN colleagues,
See below for a PhD opportunity in Europe in the Zwart and Pankratz labs. I’d be grateful if you could pass along the information below to any interested students.
Thanks in advance,
Stefan Pulver

Fully funded International PhD studentship in Neuroscience
We are currently recruiting a PhD student to work on a fully funded collaborative project between Dr Maarten Zwart (University of St Andrews) and Prof Michael Pankratz (University of Bonn). Start date between September 2022 and May 2023, no restrictions on nationality of applicant.

The project
Animals move around in a huge range of different movements: crawling, walking, swimming, and so on. This diversity in movements requires the brain to be able to produce a range of specific activity patterns, yet only produce one at a time, sometimes using mostly the same cells. For instance, the brain can produce walking or skipping, which use mostly the same muscles, but should not do so at the same time. We know very little about how the brain does this. Are there dedicated cells for each movement? Where are the differences generated? Key will be to see how the brain instructs the spinal cord via the descending neural connections. We need to find out which brain cells are active during each movement, how these cells are connected to cells within the spinal cord, and how these properties combine to produce behaviour. You will use a combination of connectomics, optogenetics, and microscopy to address this question in Drosophila.

How to apply
If this question interests you, send your application to both Dr Maarten Zwart (St Andrews) and Professor Michael Pankratz (Bonn) at the following email addresses: pankratz[at]uni-bonn.de (Michael Pankratz) and mfz[at]st-andrews.ac.uk (Maarten Zwart). For more information, see the online call at https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/study/fees-and-funding/postgraduate/scholarships/global-bonn-psychology/.

Application deadline: April 30th, 2022.
Your application should include the following:
o    Statement on why you are the right candidate (max. 1 A4)
o    CV
o    2 or 3 references
o    Evidence of English proficiency (where appropriate)
Please reference ‘Zwart-Pankratz Global PhD application’ in the subject line of your email. Review of applications will begin on April 30th.

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