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Would you all mind sharing this opportunity with anyone you think would be

*Join the* *HITS network <http://go.ncsu.edu/HITS>**.  The goal of the
network is to bring together educators and researchers developing
high-throughput technologies.  We hope to create much needed case studies
that focus on high-throughput approaches and support their integration into
undergraduate classrooms. Importantly, we want students to appreciate the
methodology and participate in the excitement of "high throughput
discovery". For that, we have collaborated with labs and institutes such as
the Allen Institute to create case studies around novel understudied
datasets. We love exposing students to the challenges and opportunities of
these big datasets.*

*More information about the network can be found here: go.ncsu.edu/HITS
<http://go.ncsu.edu/HITS>* *or check out* *our recent publication

*We will host our fifth summer workshop this year at* *the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill
<https://qubeshub.org/community/groups/hits/workshops>**.  We will have
returning and new case fellows from around the country.*

*We are still recruiting case fellows for the meeting**.  Case fellows
receive full funding to attend the meeting and a stipend to create a case
study in an interdisciplinary team of researchers & educators:*

*HITS Case Study Fellow Application (video, 30 seconds)
<https://youtu.be/WotvCLX0GyM> (https://youtu.be/WotvCLX0GyM

*APPLY HERE: https://ncsu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3rADJPsSeCw9TMy
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