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Amy Jo Stavnezer AJStavnezer at wooster.edu
Fri Feb 18 21:45:46 UTC 2022

Hello all,
We will meet this coming Friday, February 25 at 4pm EST.  The description of the session is below.  We hope you can join us!

Because Neuroscience courses (and their associated programs) tend to be interdisciplinary, students can enter the major/concentration/minor through Psych, Biology, or other disciplinary programs, and have different levels of associated expertise when they get to a cross-listed upper-level course.  But, because we are interdisciplinary, we can’t have the same hierarchical structure as a “traditional” STEM major.  Please join us at 4:00 EST on February 25th for a chat and some workshopping with Amy Mulnix, PhD, Director of the Faculty Center at Franklin and Marshall College, and Jennifer Yates, PhD, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development, Teaching, & Learning and Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at Lander University about how to use asset-based<https://www.northwestern.edu/searle/initiatives/diversity-equity-inclusion/inclusive-teaching/principle-3.html> and transparent teaching methods<https://tilthighered.com/transparency> to get all of your students on the same page, or at least in the same chapter!  When you join, please have handy an assignment description for an assessment that you use in one of your Neuroscience courses.  You might particularly think about one that incorporates group work if you have one!

Do you have Neuro colleagues who are not FUN members – send along this invite, improve your whole program!

Register Here<https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMkf-irqD8pHtI_i0QOFsPQPIxQOxckyau1>

Amy Jo Stavnezer, Barbara Lom, Jason Chan and David Donley

Amy Jo Stavnezer, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology
College of Wooster
Member, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience<http://funfaculty.org/>
Editorial Board, Journal for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education<http://funjournal.org/>
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