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 Dear FUN Members,
We have extended the deadline for the FUN Equipment Loan Program for select
pieces of equipment to April 6th, 2022. Please see the call below and apply
as soon as possible.
We have several new vendors this year and look forward to adding more based
on the needs of our community. Other than Noldus all equipment is available
for 2-year loan and our vendors are committed to supporting you in every
way possible.

Our vendors have been extremely generous but if we don't receive
applications and cannot make awards then we cannot show the demand for
equipment. So please consider applying or forwarding this email to your
friends, colleagues, research groups etc.

Divya Sitaraman,Ph.D. (she/her) (FUN ELP Co-Chair)
Assistant Professor of Psychology

California State University-East Bay

FUN Equipment Loan Program

*Call for Proposals for the FUN 2022 Equipment Loan Grant Program*

The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) is pleased to
announce the *Call
for Proposals *for the 2022 Equipment Loan Program. Annually, the FUN
Equipment Loan Program works through collaborations with equipment vendors
to develop opportunities for neuroscience faculty to offer their products,
services, and training on their equipment for up to a two-year loan with
the intent to purchase the equipment at the end of the grant program. The
vendors are always willing to work with the scientists so please apply even
if you want a different version of the equipment listed here.

Through generous donations from * Kent Scientific, Noldus Information
Technology (NIT),  San Diego Instruments, Proxima Centauri Technologies,
and Stoelting *we are now accepting applications for proposals requesting a
loan for equipment supporting neuroscience faculty research and/or teaching
for FUN members. A complete list of equipment that will be available for
loan during this grant program cycle can be found below.
<https://www.funfaculty.org/equipment_loan_program#AvailEquip> *Please note
that only single versions of the equipment listed below are available for
loan at this time – it is not possible to request multiple pieces of a
single item (unless otherwise noted or the awardee is seeking to purchase
these additional pieces of equipment beyond the terms of the FUN Equipment
Loan Program).*
All current dues-paying members of FUN are eligible to apply for this
program. If you are not a member and would like to become one, please visit our
member application page <https://www.funfaculty.org/assoc_subscribe.asp> to
Grant program applications will be submitted electronically as a single PDF
file to the Co-Chairs of the ELP program: Divya Sitaraman
divya.sitaraman at csueastbay.edu
<divya.sitaraman at csueastbay.edu?subject=FUN%20Equipment%20Loan%20Program>
and Lorenz S. Neuwirth neuwirthl at oldwestbury.edu
<neuwirthl at oldwestbury.edu?subject=FUN%20Equipment%20Loan%20Program>. The
deadline for the FUN 2022 Equipment Loan Program application
submission is: *April
6th, 11:59 pm (PST)*. Awards will be announced by third week of April 2022

*Terms of the FUN 2022 Equipment Loan Grant Program:*
•    Awardees will be given full use of the neuroscience equipment granted
for a period of up *two years. *For this cycle, all equipment can be
requested for a *two-year* loan period unless otherwise noted (see Noldus).
•    Awardees will absorb all costs associated with shipping the equipment
to and from the equipment vendor/supplier.
•    Awardees are unable to purchase the equipment after the loan period
has expired, then they will be required to return the neuroscience
equipment at the end of the loan period cleaned, sanitized (if/when
appropriate or requested specifically by the neuroscience equipment
vendor/supplier), and in good working order to the vendor/supplier. Please
note that some equipment cannot be return and will have to be outright
purchased at the end of the loan period (see vendor information regarding
these details).
•    Any publications or presentations resulting from the use of the
equipment that was loaned through this program will acknowledge the
neuroscience vendor/supplier company providing the equipment, as well as
the FUN two-year Equipment Loan Program (ELP) grant. Notification of these
publications are to be submitted via email the Co-Chairs of the ELP
program: Divya Sitaraman divya.sitaraman at csueastbay.edu
<divya.sitaraman at csueastbay.edu?subject=FUN%20Equipment%20Loan%20Program>
and Lorenz S. Neuwirth neuwirthl at oldwestbury.edu.
•    Any software that is included with a FUN two-year ELP grant will
require that the grantee sign a provision that all software will be removed
from their computers at the end of the grant program period.

Applications should be no more than *5 pages *in length (i.e., excluding
cover page and reference pages). *Applications may be single spaced, with
font size no less than 11, top and bottom margins of 1” as well as right
and left margins of 0.75”. Applications should be organized in the
following manner:*
•    Application Cover Page (i.e., Name, affiliation and equipment
•    Research proposal (i.e., including specific neuroscience equipment
requested to be loaned, the proposed research, description of how the
equipment will be used to complete the study proposed, and the expected
outcomes from the research through the loaned equipment)
•    Impact of the neuroscience equipment loaned on seeking future research
grant funding and the long-term development of the neuroscience faculty
member’s research program
•    Role of undergraduates in the research proposal and training provided
•    Institutional support for the proposal. This may include such things
as matching grants from the institution (i.e., covering the purchase costs
for the loaned items at the conclusion of the two-year equipment loan grant
period, undergraduate research stipends, additional supply money, salary
support for the faculty member, etc.) or other forms of institutional

Factors to be considered when reviewing the proposals will include:
•    The scientific merit of the proposed research and use of the requested
neuroscience equipment
•    Some preference is given to faculty in the early stages of their
career, although awards may also be made to more senior faculty, for
example, if a faculty member is developing a new area of research or
changing their research focus
•    Evidence that the loan will enhance the faculty members long-term
research and/or teaching efforts
•    Demonstrated institutional support for the project.

For more information contact: Drs. Divya Sitaraman (
divya.sitaraman at csueastbay.edu
<divya.sitaraman at csueastbay.edu?subject=FUN%20Equipment%20Loan%20Program>)
or Lorenz S. Neuwirth (neuwirthl at oldwestbury.edu
<neuwirthl at oldwestbury.edu?subject=FUN%20Equipment%20Loan%20Program>)
See the sub-page linked from the menu for a list of previous winners:

*Available Scientific Equipment for the 2022 FUN Equipment Loan Program*

*Neuroscience Vendor/Supplier # 1 - Kent Scientific
<https://kentscientific.com> *
Item 1) PS-03 PhysioSuite® Physiological Monitoring Suite with RightTemp®
Temperature Monitoring
& Homeothermic Control Module
MouseSTAT® Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor Module included.

Item 2) SomnoFlo® Low-Flow Electronic Vaporizer

*Neuroscience Vendor/Supplier # 2 - **Noldus Information Technology (NIT)*
Noldus will provide one copy of the EthoVision XT software for a *one-year
loan* period which includes:
Software license hardware key (EthoVision XT)
(The USB hardware key has to be returned at the end of the loan period. The
winner is responsible for paying for the return of the key via UPS or Fed
Noldus will provide advice regarding compatible computer and video
hardware, as needed

*Neuroscience Vendor/Supplier # 3 - **Stoelting*
The Stereotaxic and ANY-Maze packages are available for proposals.

*Stereotaxic Package*
Digital Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument (51730D) with Integrated
warmer (53800) and Stereotaxic Surgical Tool Kit (52189)
Our Just for Mouse Stereotaxic was specifically designed for use with
knock-out and transgenic mice. It is far and away our most popular
stereotaxic instrument. The stereotaxic has an integrated warming base that
aids in improving surgical outcomes and overall longevity. A key feature of
this instrument is its easy-to-read digital display, which allows for 10µm
resolution and the coordinate zeroing feature eliminates the need for
calculations.  The stereotaxic package also includes Stoelting’s
Stereotaxic Surgical Instrument kit. This kit contains all the necessary
tools for mouse stereotaxic surgery; Stoelting surgical instruments
including a double sterilizing tray that will fit all the tools. Indeed,
this kit also includes the Kane Clamp, exclusive to Stoelting for
retracting the skin for optimal view of the skull without causing trauma to
the surrounding tissue.
*Surgical Instrument Kit includes:*
Large Ring Dissecting Scissors
Micro-Dissecting Forceps
Curved and Straight Stainless-Steel Forceps
Micro Friedman Rongeur
Curved Kane Retractor
Sterile Scalpel Blades
Scalpel Handle
Halsey Needle Holder
Double Sterilizing Tray
Additional information is available at: www.StoeltingCo.com
Awardees are responsible for shipping costs associated with returning the
equipment to the supplier.  Equipment must be cleaned, decontaminated and
returned in good working condition.

*ANY-maze Behavioral Tracking Package*
ANY-maze behavioral tracking software with camera and accessories bundle
(60605). The bundle includes a camera, lens, ceiling-mount and necessary
cables. The software also includes unlimited technical support to aid you
in getting started. ANY-maze is today’s most advanced video tracking
system. Trusted by thousands of researchers around the world, ANY-maze
couples an unrivalled depth of features with a simple, familiar design, to
provide automated testing in virtually any behavioral test.
Additional information is available at: www.ANY-maze.com

*Neuroscience Vendor/Supplier # 4 – San Diego Instruments
SR-LAB System with Large Enclosures (1 Stations) - The SR-LAB startle
response system is the world's most widely used startle reflex behavioral
research system and the most successful for measuring startle habituation,
pre-pulse inhibition (PPI) and Fear Potentiated Startle (FPS) for both rats
and mice.
Small/Medium enclosure (mice) can be substituted for Large Enclosure (rats).
Any add on kits, Puretone, Fear Potentiated Startle, Air Puff, will need to
be purchased by the recipient.

*Neuroscience Vendor/Supplier # 5 – Proxima Centauri Technologies
<https://pctscience.com/> ( New company founded by our long time supporter
Michael Kinder of Kinder Instruments)*
SR-LAB System for rats and mice (1 station).

*Awardees are responsible for costs of shipping to and from the
vendor/supplier and insuring the equipment is highly encouraged. All
neuroscience equipment must be returned cleaned, sanitized and in good
working condition. If the equipment is not insured with shipment and is
damaged, the awardee will be responsible for covering the costs of the
loaned neuroscience equipment.*
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