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Greta Ann Herin gherin at gmu.edu
Sat Nov 4 00:02:20 UTC 2023

Dear FUN Colleagues,

We discussed our Neuroscience and Technology in Germany study abroad course with many of you in Bellingham this summer.  Applications are now OPEN! It is a ~4 week course beginning this May, offered by George Mason University but is open to qualified students from other universities. It offers 6 hours of neuroscience credits. Please pass this information along to your students.

Highlights include:

Lab visits
We will visit 6-7 labs in cities all over Germany from prestigious institutions such as the Charite, Ludwig Maximillians University, TU Dortmund, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, and Humboldt University. We will engage directly with the scientific team, hear presentations, tour facilities, and participate in small group discussions over a meal.   Subject matter will cover the breadth of neuroscience, including:

Molecular tools to study brain cancers and neurodegenerative processes
Pharmacology of neurotransmitter receptors
Detailed descriptions of microglia activation
The study of schizophrenia in patients using EEG
Developing a philosophical framework of intelligence using AI tools
Neurobiology of social cognition and pro-social behaviors (e.g. trust)

STEM-Focused Cultural and Historical sites
 We visit sites of cultural and historical significance, with a focus on STEM. Some of our excursions include:

The Deutsches Museum in Munich, the world's largest science museum.
Gutenberg museum in Mainz, where we learn about the development of printing, see surviving Gutenberg bibles, and make our own art in a printing workshop.
Bingen, to learn about Hildegard of Bingen, a polymath medieval abbess who is considered the founder of German science. She was one of the subjects of Oliver Sack's classic "The Man Who Mistook his Wife for A Hat" because she received religious visions that were considered by modern neurologists as migrainous. Her illustrations are in a museum we will visit.
Ravensbrueck memorial, a WWII concentration camp where unethical "experiments" were performed. There will be a private tour and discussion after.

Other highlights:

On-campus bootcamp near Washington, DC. We will review the neuroscientific background of our host labs, read and make sense of their recent publications, and have cultural and travel training.
Short in-country German course.
Walking tours of our three hub cities: Frankfurt (M), Munich, and Berlin.
A trip to the peak of the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany
Free time to explore beautiful cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Heidelberg, Ruedesheim am Rhein, Mannheim, others of your choosing.

Eligibility and other information:

Targeted to Neuroscience, Biology, Bioengineering, Pre-health students. Psychology students welcomed with required science courses.
Need to have at least 60 credits, completed a Cell Biology course, and at least 9 SH of STEM courses (in addition to cell biology), cGPA> 2.75
Grad students welcomed
Eligible for financial aid


Co-leader: Greta Ann Herin gherin at gmu.edu
Co-leader: Wendy Lewis glewis13 at gmu.edu

Greta Ann (GA) Herin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Academic Advisor
Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience
Exploring the nervous system, from molecules to mind
Make an appointment with me for advising:
Ask me about the Neuroscience and Technology in Germany Study Abroad Program!

Krasnow Institute Room 255
George Mason University
4400 University Drive MS2A1
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: (703) 993-9720

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