[FUN_Mail] SfN teaching workshop, Monday Nov 13 at noon in WCC 207B

Richard Olivo rolivo at smith.edu
Tue Nov 7 20:46:21 UTC 2023

Dear colleagues,

If you will be attending the SfN annual meeting, please consider adding
this year's teaching workshop to your itinerary. Beginning in 2005, the
annual SfN workshops on teaching neuroscience have been of special interest
to those of us who teach undergraduates. The agenda for this year's
workshop is:

*Teaching Neuroscience: New Approaches to Electrophysiology Labs *
Session PDW11  Monday Nov 13, 2023  12:00-2:00 pm    WCC 207B

12:00 Workshop introduction: Richard Olivo
12:02 Extracellular recording from crayfish with computer-based analysis
(Richard Olivo, Smith College)
12:20 Recording using very low-cost devices (Tim Marzullo, Backyard Brains)
12:40 CrawFly Neurophysiology Workshops for neuroscience educators (Bruce
Johnson, Cornell University)
12:55 Drosophila mutants that permit controlled optogenetic stimulation
(Ilya Vilinsky, University of Cincinnati)
 1:10 Human EEGs with simple equipment (Jennifer Segawa, Harvard University
and Stonehill College)
 1:30 Physiological data downloaded from the Allen Institute for Brain
Science (Ashley Juavinett, UCSD)
 1:50 Wrap-up and discussion

This year's workshop was organized by Bill Grisham, Bruce Johnson, and me.
We hope to see you there!
Richard F Olivo, PhD  •  rolivo at smith.edu
Professor Emeritus of Biology and Neuroscience, Smith College
Founding Editor, Educational Resources (ERIN), Society for Neuroscience
    44 College Lane, Smith College, Northampton MA 01063
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