[FUN_Mail] Call for 2026 FUN Pedagogical Workshop Host

David Donley ddonley at harding.edu
Sat Nov 11 00:31:44 UTC 2023

Call for 2026 FUN Workshop Host

The Triennial Pedagogical Workshop is a highlight for many FUN members. The
FUN Education Committee solicits non-binding letters of interest to host
the next workshop in the summer of 2026. Selection of the host institution
will occur in late-spring 2024 to allow sufficient planning time.
Minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and institutions with strong MSI
partnerships are particularly encouraged to apply.

The workshop hosts will be expected to participate in regular meetings with
the FUN Education Committee and should plan to dedicate several hours per
week in the months leading up to the workshop. A member of the workshop
host institution planning committee will also be expected to participate in
efforts to seek external funding and sponsorship for the workshop. The host
institution is not necessarily required to provide monetary support for
speakers or direct costs for the workshop but will be expected to provide
resources (space, volunteer hours, etc…) that support the on-ground

The letter of interest should outline the following:

-          Potential members of the host planning team and their
departmental affiliations/disciplinary backgrounds. Multi-disciplinary
planning teams are encouraged.

-          Possible dates and/or any time constraints of consideration.

-          Describe the ability of the host institution and hosting team to
meet the following expectations:

o   Provide low-cost housing (e.g. residence hall rooms) for ~100-120

o   Provide facilities for lab demonstrations, presentations, meetings,
meals, and social gatherings

o   Proximity to an airport for travel

o   Partnerships with other regional institutions (as appropriate)

o   Partnerships with campus conference staff (where possible)

o   At least one FUN member on the hosting team (with more than one if

-          Highlights of the area and/or institution that would be of
particular interest to workshop participants.

-          Any additional information for FUN to consider

Please email the letter of intent to David Donley, Education Committee
co-chair, (ddonley at harding.edu) by April 1st, 2024. Potential hosts are
welcome and encouraged to ask questions during the process of developing
the letter of intent.
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