[FUN_Mail] Dec 8 - Crowd Source a Solution to Your Challenge! FUN Final Friday

Amy Jo Stavnezer AJStavnezer at wooster.edu
Mon Nov 20 14:56:46 UTC 2023

Hello FUN colleagues,

The December 8<https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0sc-2hrTMpGdMwCo7AFvWw-MQlEHtWroD3> (4pm ET) FFF session invites attendees at all career stages to share informally a specific professional sticking point or challenge they are currently experiencing that would benefit from the help of colleagues.

As scientists, we recognize that research requires iteration, feedback, and benefits tremendously when in-progress results are shared with other scientists.  We expect bumps in our research journeys and have built a variety of informal and formal mechanisms, from lab meetings to conference presentations, to invite helpful feedback, advice, and questions from other scientists that can point us to helpful resources, connect us with colleagues, and help us get unstuck and/or propel us onward to the next experiment.  Yet, we can often find ourselves without similar opportunities or mechanisms to share other aspects of our professional work in-progress with our peers, particularly with regard to getting unstuck in our teaching, service, professional development, and/or work-life balance.

On December 8, challenges posed might relate to teaching (e.g., how do I grade more efficiently?), research (e.g., how do I prioritize writing time?), service (e.g., how do I generate consensus on a committee?), or another dimension (e.g., how do I repair a relationship with a colleague?).

Attendees are encouraged to bring a professional challenge that they can introduce in a minute or two to a small group.  In break-out rooms, small groups will respond using a simple guided conversation structure that helps normalize and humanize challenges, welcomes questions, encourages careful listening, and offers useful considerations from a variety of viewpoints.  Not all attendees are expected to bring or share a challenge, although all will participate in a small group conversation to gain first-hand experience with a discussion format that useful for structuring conversations with students in courses and/or colleagues in professional development settings.

Register here, Friday, December 8, 4 pm ET: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0sc-2hrTMpGdMwCo7AFvWw-MQlEHtWroD3

Ready to look ahead to next semester (I know, you might not be there yet)…. January 26 (4 pm ET)<https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcscO2hpjMpHN3vzl3_1QiyztwNsJLMotDU>, FFF will host Jennifer Schaefer and Audrey Chen Lew to discuss how faculty are implementing Core Concepts into their classes and curriculum.  Save the date by registering now!
Register here, Friday, January 26, 4 pm ET: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcscO2hpjMpHN3vzl3_1QiyztwNsJLMotDU

Best of luck as you finish this semester strong!  Hoping to see you on Dec 8 to celebrate each other and solve some challenges!
Amy Jo, Barbara, David and Shannon

Amy Jo Stavnezer
Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology<https://amyjostavnezer.voices.wooster.edu/>
College of Wooster
Member, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience<https://www.funfaculty.org/>
Editorial Board, Journal for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education <http://www.funjournal.org/>

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