Contribute to the FUN newsletter!

Would you consider drafting a piece for the upcoming issue of the FUN newsletter? 

The newsletter serves as a showcase for the ideas and achievements of FUN membership.   By publishing a piece in the newsletter, you’ll be helping to catalyze the FUN community. 

The newsletter is open to a wide variety of article-formats:

o    Editorial – an opinion piece on an issue or topic relevant to the advancement of FUN’s mission.

o    I wish I’d known then – advice you wish you’d been given related to teaching neuroscience, career development, managing research or other topics relevant to FUN membership

o    Resource Pointers/Reviews – summary and review of a teaching resource you find useful (book, article, video, website, etc.)

o    Ask FUN – a question on which you seek feedback from the FUN community (e.g. grading dilemma, managing work-life balance, etc.)

o    People/Places/Milestones let us know about promotions, new hires, special activities with students, etc. - get the extra kudos you deserve!

o    Announcements/Events

o    And more... other submitted articles directly relevant to FUN membership are encouraged!

To submit, simply email your piece directly to the FUN newsletter committee chair, Carlita Favero     

Have an idea but not sure if it is right for the newsletter?  Just email the FUN newsletter committee chair, Carlita Favero at to inquire.

All submissions are governed by the newsletter editorial policy:

Hope you’ll consider contributing, 

FUN Newsletter Editors, Carlita Favero and Sarah Holstein