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Greetings FUN membership! I write to you today asking our members to consider writing a piece for our FUN newsletter. The FUN newsletter serves as a showcase for the ideas and achievements of the FUN membership. By publishing a piece in the newsletter, you’ll be helping to catalyze the FUN community. 


The newsletter is open to a wide variety of article-formats:









With our new FUN website, newsletter pieces will be posted and shared as they come in (no delay in waiting for the newsletter to come out), and then newsletter pieces will be compiled together into one shareable and archivable site for the membership at large. 


If you are interested in contributing, please simply email your piece to or directly to the FUN newsletter committee chair, Sarah Holstein ( 


The deadline for the upcoming issue is Wednesday September 1st.


Have an idea but not sure if it is right for the newsletter?  Just email the FUN newsletter committee chair, Sarah Holstein at or to inquire. 


All submissions are governed by the newsletter editorial policy:


We hope you’ll consider contributing, 


Sarah Holstein

FUN Newsletter Editor,



Sarah E. Holstein, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)

Associate Professor of Psychology


Office: 570.321.4346 I Email:


To set up an appointment, please visit